steel pro construction system

The Company manufactures Steel frames for use in Commercial Buildings.


Building with Steel

Our steel frames support the weight of embassies, spirited fan-filled football stadiums, towering commercial buildings and sophisticated schools. Contractors understand the benefits of steel to their timeline and budgets, but it’s important for investors and building owners to realize the lifetime advantages of building with steel.

Time Equals Money

Consider the numbers first. Steel beams weigh less than wood, which reduces shipping costs and the amount of labor required for construction. Steel fabricators pre-manufacture parts to fit design specifications, which means no on-site waste from hauling in larger-than-necessary wooden beams and cutting them on-site. Quality-control factors during fabrication eliminates human error which often results in wrongly cut wooden beams.

All these factors increase the speed at which a construction project proceeds, reducing your costs and disruption to other buildings near the construction site.

Green Steel Benefits

In 2012, 88% of steel was recycled, making it the most recycled material in America. Most steel is made from recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of its life. Building with steel decreases unnecessary construction waste with built-to-fit parts and any waste left is readily recyclable.


Steel withstands strong winds, extreme cold and snow, high temperatures and flames — an insurance agent’s dream come true. The durability of steel in multiple climates makes it an excellent choice regardless of the location of your building. Using a steel frame also reduces infestations of pest and decay. All these benefits can mean lower insurance rates, which continues to save your money through the lifetime of your building.

Versatile Design Options

All these pros resonate with your pocketbook and your timeline, but what if you aren’t looking for a steel building? No problem. The outside of a steel-frame building can be modeled after any design you choose from a towering, high-end hotel to your farmhouse-style dream home. At SteelPro, our steel frames support the infrastructure behind schools, hospitals, churches, industrial complexes, commercial office buildings, courthouses, and embassies.