For decades steel has been used in construction projects for its strength, ease of use and aesthetic appearance. Steel’s great flexibility allows it to stand up to high winds and earthquakes better than other structures. We’ve found steel used in four main types of structures.

High Rise Buildings 
Steel allows high rise buildings to be built easier and faster. Its lightweight makes it easier to transport and reduces the cost of building and its superior strength holds the weight of a large structure.

Industrial and Warehouse Buildings 
Warehouses and industrial buildings need wide open spaces free of columns in order to place equipment or store product. Steel allows the creation of large span spaces at a low cost and quick construction.

Residential Buildings 
We’re finding more and more homeowners using a steel frame for their home. Steel holds up to high winds and earthquakes better than other structures because of it’s flexibility. It also withstands fire better than woodframe homes. Steel’s flexibility allows designers to showcase their creativity in design.

Temporary Shelters 
Because steel offers construction at a lower cost and easier setup, it’s the perfect solution for temporary shelters used during craft shows or events.